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Charming Paraty and its Attractions

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A few kilometers away from the city of Rio de Janeiro there lies a surprisingly quaint and quiet town. It is noted for its colonial architecture, cobbled streets, islands, waterfalls and emerald-green sea. The name of this charming town is Paraty. Discover what’s in store for travelers like you in Paraty below.


What is typical in Paraty is extraordinary for first time visitors. It is now a popular honeymoon destination for its colonial town-scape yet remains a place for peace and quiet. Be that as it may, it offers loads of activities e.g. kayaking, diving, snorkeling, drinking cachaca and dancing. Want an expert review of Paraty? Visit http://www.bbc.com/travel/story/20130719-forms-of-identification-marcello-arrambide.


Its festivals are a must as well. Be sure to time your visit during the Mud Carnival.