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When planning a European road trip it is always a good idea to plan your destinations and stops well in advance of the travel dateIf you have a specific city that is your priority to visit over all others then that can be a good starting point to plan your trip aroundAs most European countries are relatively close to each other you can create a route revolving around your desired location that also takes you through a number of major European cities both on the way out (SouthernIf you have Sat – Nav, ensure you have the postcodes of where you want to visitWhen travelling in a group from the UK into Europe for a road trip it can be a good idea to hire a car for the journeyThe advantages to this are that you take away some of the fear of causing damage and wear and tear to your own vehicleAlso, petrol prices on the continent can be very expensiveSo if your own vehicle has a large, gas-guzzling engine, it’s smart to hire something more economic to runTherefore, hiring a car gives you the opportunity to search around various car hire companies to find the most economical vehicle available for your journeyAlso, if you’re going off the beaten track, small cars are easier to negotiate around narrow village streetsWhen travelling in a group or as a family (3 to 5) people, prices for other forms of travel iplane travel, train travel etc can be very expensive. A Backpackers Tale is a good site to check out.